HF Field Day, Albert Falls, Feb 2011
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Evert setting up his qrp station with Ian ZS5AZ looking on

Having a chat just before the competition starts

Ian ZS5AZ raking in some contacts

Followed by Shaun ZR5SF

Graham's B25 is given a test run. L-R: Tony ZR5CAT, Marthin ZU5MJ, Eric ZU5EL, Graham ZU5GB and Stanley in the back ZR5SEM

Marjoke ZS5V also warming the airways

Evert ZS5EFP getting a few qrp contacts, with Ian and Juan ZU5JP looking on

Fine tuning....

Evert's inverted V

A better view...

Tont having a look what Shaun was up to

Joost ZS5S checking on Evert

Pleanty of good conversations were had

The comfortable Marx family setup

Getting a few nore contacts just befopre the end, with the Jacobs family looking on

Another View

L-R: Joshua, Freind (back), Jesse ZU5JDJ, Marthin ZU5 MJ, Liesel ZU5LJ, Mike ZS5ML and half of SHaun ZR5SF
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