Xmas Function 2010, Cumberland Nature Reserve
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Peter and Robin

Lovely atmosphere

Hartwig, Mona, Gudrun, Elaine, Holley-mae and Lara

Neville, Lesley and Morgan

Hartwig, Mona, Silvia and Roger (back) Gudrun, Elaine, Robin, Peter

Ian, the pootjie chef

Ian and lara's camp setup in the back

What a setting!

Lovely shade trees

More of the same

Shaun, tasting his own cooking, as is Errol, sitting in the back

Des, Gwen, Gudrun, Roger, Mike and Errol

All ages

Mike - "complements to the shef!"

Silvia, Hartwig, Mona, Peter and Elaine (Mike in the background)

Christmas2010 020.jpg

Mike, Errol, Silvia, Robin and Silvia

Swopping notes

The boys (with Shaun)

Watching the fire

Event's organiser

Surprise near the camp site
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