New Hardware At Griffin’s Hill

Koos ZS5KDK, Tony ZR5CAT and Cale ZR5CA rocked up at the Griffin’s Hill repeater site to install new and refurbished hardware in the hopes of getting the repeater running up again. They managed to successfully get the repeater working again after a few hours of hard work. A big thank you to Koos , Tony […]

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Comrades 2018

Comrades 2018.  Some of our members, together with HARC members, helped Hamnet again with radio comms on the down run.  It was an early and cold start.  Willem ZS5WA did duty as the Pietermaritzburg JOC, later handing over to the Durban JOC in Moses Mabida stadium, where ZS5GD, ZS5WFD and ZS5LT were on station.  Both […]

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