Projects Page

This page will become the gateway to various projects.  Maurice, ZS5MR initiated this page, and at the moment it includes projects from him.  It will eventually include club projects submitted by other individuals as well

Greetings to the M.A.R.C. project page. A number of projects will hopefully be displayed here. To start with and to keep things simple, there will be two files displayed per project. These are DIPTRACE files and have an extension of .dch for the schematic capture and .dip for the printed circuit board capture.  To view these files you will need the program.  This is obtained from   On the homepage look for the step by step tutorial, and down load that pdf.  This pdf is handy on your desktop while learning the program.  In the download section is located the program DIPTRACE 2.0 FREEWARE.  Download this and install.  To view a project simply double click on the file and it will open. 

Some pointers here use tutorial to see how program works.  See pgs 3-8. On the toolbar (view) uncheck the design manager. On (view) also select units= mm for metric. In the PCB section select layer–layer setup red for top layer, blue for bottom layer. Also the display mode can be set to current layer or all layers. Please note I use links on the top layer and these will be red and tracks will be blue. As all pcb design is fairly difficult to learn. I am willing to help

A one off afternoon to get you going. Or more if you want to do PCB design is available if you so wish. Contact me on 033 3942550.
Maurice ZS5MR.


Pic Programmer Project   (ZS5MR)

Hi, this is a simple but effective parallel port pic programmer.  It comes from the website on the main page look for programmer types on the sidebar.  On that page you will find a link for parallel port programmer.  This is where the circuit comes from.  There is also a lot of information about its use and the software (icprog).
73’s zs5mr.

A 18 pin socket project is 18socv1.  Note the connections as a supply must be connected for programming this is J9 (BOARD) to J3 (SOCKET) as well as the other connections.

Here are the files:    ppp_pic.dch   ppp_pic.dip   18sov1.dch   18sov1.dip



This power supply is very useful for experimentation; it features current limiting and instant shutdown when switched off.  It is an old design from Practical Electronics October 1978. I have built this supply in the past and it works well. However a new layout is required so it can use the OPO7 opamp.  The 741 opamp is not suitable because of its voltage handling ability. If you look at the circuit you will see the 24vac transformer, it will produce + – 32.5 volts. The negative rail is at -5.6 volts, a total of 38 volts. The 741 is rated to + – 18 volts (36), the opo7 to + – 22 volts (44) volts that is why it is used.  The circuit and other information can be found at

Here are the relevant files: HPPSU.dip    HPPSU.dch