Jamboree On The Air Station

19 October:  From our Chairman, Koos ZS5KDK:
“Our Jamboree on the air Station at 1st Howick Scouts operated by ZR5ZS, ZS5V and myself ZS5KDK. Then there were also Martin ZS5MJ and Jesse ZU5JDJ from 1st Howick Scouts. The group operated on HF, 2meters and Echolink. On HF there was a lot off qrm till about 11 o’ clock but from there the band was open till about 3 o’clock. During this time the Scouts had a great time on HF. Contact was made with ZS2HC, ZS6SSG, ZS6BYT, ZS4MJB, ZS3WL, ZU6RAP and C91MS. All Scouts had a change to talk on the radio. Then there was the contact on Echolink where ZS5V had her hands full with the Scouts. Hein ZS4EK (VE5TEN) from Canada kept them busy and when one had the mike it was a battle to hand it over to the next one. The reason for this was that the audio was clear and they were very comfortable to speak to him. A lot of questions were asked and also a lot off answers were given during this time.
We had no success‎ during the night with contacts.
Form this I think this was a great success. A big thanks to Willem ZR5ZS, Marjoke ZS5V for all your help and time and then thanks to Martin for his help. I think that next year will even be better‎. Greetings from all off us.”

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