ICASA & SARL licence fees

ICASA has informed the SARL that the licence fee will be increased by 5.3% on 1 April 2018. The new fees will be

1 Year – R 141.00
2 Year – R 269.00
3 Year – R 386.00
4 Year – R 492.00
5 Year – R 588.00

ICASA will start the invoicing process for the 2018/2019 period from 5 February 2018. Radio Amateurs are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure their license is up to date. If for some reason no invoice is received, check that ICASA has been informed of any address changes.

Avoid the hassles of having to renew each year, opt for a multi-year licence.  Simply, when renewing, pay the appropriate amount. On the EFT state 5 Year licence, and your call sign. Also send an email to dkuhrau@icasa.org.za with a copy of the EFT payment.

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